3x3 set of 50 Lipstick cards


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3x3 set of 50 Lipstick cards


3x3 prints of the lipstick swatches a set of 50! 


These are 3x3 prints of professionally calibrated lipstick cards to hand out or drop in orders. Cards are blank on the back to allow you to add your own messages 

These prints are NON WATERMARKED and the ONLY place you will be able to get them non watermarked. They are also professionally calibrated to be as accurate as possible to the actual shades in real life. If you plan to print my watermarked version through somewhere (say Shutterfly) the colors will NOT be as accurate because of their quality of prints and you will have my watermark on them.

 If you'd like to keep the print for future use after they are done color matching, include a pre-paid return envelope in the order! 

Shipping can be up to 7-10 business days need your order now? add rush my order to your cart and it will jump to the front of the line! https://lipstickdesigns.net/products/rush-my-order

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