4x4 Lip Prints


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4x4 Lip Prints
4x4 Lip Prints

4x4  prints of Siara's lip collages (used WITH her permission!)

These are now UV coated instead of laminated. This offers a similar protection for less cost and less bulk. 

  • 4x4in prints on a ring
  •  Sets include only permanent line colors (limited edition options hopefully to come)
  • UV Coated for color accuracy
  • water-resistant/oil resistant
  • thick paper weight and rounded corners for durability
  • utilizes all new remastered color perfected images for even more consistency and accuracy
  • includes swatches/drips of product and both a light and dark skin model for diversity

*Due to high demand we are on a up to 14 business day turn around time although we hope to get most out before then, if you are in a hurry and need these sooner rather than later I recommend adding RUSH MY ORDER to your cart! This will bump your order up to the top of the list! 

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