Siara's Training Guide PDF

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Siara's Training Guide PDF
Siara's Training Guide PDF

Siara's Ultimate Guide to Awesomeness: A training packet on how to start and rock your own social media marketing business.
Includes 31 pages FULL of information to help you:
1. Start your business
2. GROW your business
3. Long term sustainability
4. Ultimately be awesome

BONUS!!!!! 23 FREE training videos created by Siara herself for her team!

Some video titles:

  • Rocking Live Video
  • Taxes 101
  • Good, Better, Best Posts on Social Media
  • Photography Theory for Distributors
         AND MORE

* You will be notified to receive a free download of any updates added to the packet in the future once purchased *


You can share the paid-for PDF with your FIRST LINE distributors. If your first line distributors would like to share it with THEIR 1st line distributors, they will need to purchase a copy.

iPhone Users: If having download issues, please download in safari. If having video viewing issues, please use a desktop or laptop.

This pack is in no way affiliated with any specific company, and was not endorsed by any company. This packet is the opinion of Siara and only Siara.

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